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TapeTech EasyRoll Angle Head

TapeTech EasyRoll Angle Head
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The TapeTech EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finisher is used to perfectly smooth both edges of the internal corner joint compound in one pass. 

The corner finishers can be used for internal wall-to-wall corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. Corner finishers, also known as angle finishers, attach to a corner applicator (CA07TT or CA08TT) or the MudRunner® 14TT to quickly and professionally finish internal drywall corners. EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Finishers have casters for the smoothest possible action on the wall and are spring loaded to help compensate for slightly imperfect corners. Use with FHTT or XHTT handles - Not included.

  • Removes excess compound from inside corners
  • Embeds inside corner tape into walls and ceilings
  • Finish the inside corners of walls and ceilings

TapeTech EasyRoll Angle Head - 3"

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TapeTech EasyRoll Angle Head - 3.5"

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