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TapeTech EasyClean Box - 15"

Sku : 54235
Mfgr Part # : TTEZ15TT
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TapeTech EasyClean Box - 15

The 38 cm EasyClean® EZ15TT Finishing Box is the widest finishing box in the industry. It is the perfect tool to achieve the best finish by making the joint as wide as possible. 

For butt joints or uneven joints between panels, there is nothing like it! Designed for the perfect topcoat on any wall or ceiling joint, the EZ15TT is the ideal combination of finishing distance and tool weight. You get the best results without unnecessary body wear. The EZ15TT has the same industry leading features as other TapeTech finishing boxes, including an EasyClean® design, adjustable crown configuration, pivot axle, and an innovative EasyRoll® wheel system that allows the box to be used to finish outside corners.

  • Apply first coat of joint compound to embed tape into butt joints and flat joints in walls and ceilings
  • Finish butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings