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TapeTech Wizard Compact Box Handle

Sku : 54203
Mfgr Part # : TT8000TT
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TapeTech Wizard Compact Box Handle

The new Wizard®-Handle 8000TT from TapeTech impresses with unmatched control, maximum maneuverability and makes learning phases that are normally inevitable for wing puller handles with brake levers superfluous. 

The wizard is the only area puller handle where the hand is directly over the pressure plate. This makes handling easier and offers maximum control. The Wizard fits in the smallest cupboard and under stairs and is - compared to surface puller handles of other lengths - particularly safe for working on scaffolding. The wizard is not limited to confined spaces and scaffolding. The wizard is absolutely the fastest and easiest tool for finishing joints, especially horizontal joints. 

The innovative design as well as the ability to turn the fore grip allow many ergonomic hand positions, which prevents fatigue and increases productivity. Every drywall builder needs the wizard in his tool case!