Measuring Tools

Tools typically measuring distance, straightness or angles. See also Surveying tools.

Bosch Zamo III Set

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Bosch Zamo III Set

This versatile laser range finder also ships with three adapters :

  • Wheel adapter - Measuring curved and uneven surfaces has never been so easy. The Wheel Adapter helps you quickly gauge distances up to 20 m, such as distances on a wall or the necessary length of cables and fabrics.
  • Tape adapter - Easily and accurately measure distances and circumferences up to 1.50 m. The Tape Adapter is especially useful in determining the dimensions of free-standing objects, picture frames and furniture.
  • Laser Line Adapter –  This attachment is ideal for horizontally and vertically aligning objects, such as pictures or shelves. This way, you can spare yourself the usual work with the spirit level when completing your next design project.