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Drain King Plunger

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Mfgr Part # : DKMP500
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Drain King Plunger

The Best Sink - Toilet - Tub PLUNGER Ever Made!

Nothing works better than Master Plunger to get rid of clogs. Its patented bellows design delivers more plunge per push than any other plunger on the market - 7 times the displacement of the traditional rubber cup plunger! The bellows chamber draws in air or water then powers it through the pipe to quickly clear trapped debris. No chemicals to corrode pipes or harm the environment and there's no need for a plumber's snake. Flexible design can be used efficiently even with faucet obstructions. Perfect for residential and commercial.


  • World's only 3 in 1 plunger
  • High strength polyethylene construction
  • Patented air release valve
  • Powerful bellows design
  • Clean clogs fast
  • Easy self-cleaning
  • Fit all drains