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Finance is now available on $1,000+ Purchases!

ExpressNet works with leading finance companies such as MyFinance Limited to get the right financial solution for you.

For an estimate of finance costs click here.

If you wish to proceed to apply for finance, you will need to:

  • Get a quotation from ExpressNet for the intended purchase.
  • Apply here.

If you already have a prefered Finance company, ExpressNet will be happy to work with them.

ExpressNet now has a
TradeMe Store!

As well as using TradeMe to sell our regular products, we also use it to sell:

  • Products with damaged packaging (new with full warranty).
  • Excess Stock.
  • Customer Returns.
  • $1 Auctions.

So you are sure to pick up a bargain.

Click here to see our current listings.

If you currently follow ExpressNet on TradeMe, please go to our new store and click "Save this Reseller" as our existing account will close.